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bun and thigh max

Bun & Thigh MAX

The Bun and Thigh MAX is one of the hottest fitness trends in America.
Why? Because it works!

Bun & Thigh MAX features advanced technology and a compact size designed to perform exercises like the calf press, single leg press, inner thigh exercise, outer thigh exercise, and reverse leg kick with one machine.

“My Bun and Thigh Max machine is my favorite exercise system. What I like best is I can take it anywhere and use it while I’m with my kids. I am thrilled with the results I’m seeing after only a short period of time. The inches are just falling off, along with my old clothes.” Robin Felton

“The most amazing thing to me about the Bun and Thigh Max system is how fast I bun and thigh max bun and thigh rocker bun and thigh machine bun and thigh masterwas able to actually redefine my body buns are not just firmer, they're no longer pointing at the ground and spreading outward. And my thighs and legs are looking leaner and longer. Before the Bun and Thigh Max, I thought I would have to work months to get in this kind of shape, but it only took six weeks. Awesome!” Stephanie Dubois
Product includes:
  • Bun & Thigh MAX
  • The Bun & Thigh MAX Guide to Healthy Eating
  • The Bun & Thigh MAX Circuit Training and Aerobic Video
  • The "5 Minutes a Day to Take Your Inches Away" video
Always read and follow manufacturer's directions that come with this product. Always consult with your doctor before starting any exercise or diet program or taking any nutritional supplements. Results may vary.
MANUFACTURER'S DISCLAIMER: Before starting any exercise program you should consult your doctor. If you have any pains, dizziness or shortness of breath during your workout please discontinue the use of the equipment immediately.

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